Our Farmers

More people are wanting to know more about where their food comes from, more importantly, where their meat comes from.
Here at Mettrick's we source all of our meat from farms within the Peak District, the North West and Midlands,with some slight seasonal variation. All of our cattle, pigs & lambs passing through our small abattoir in Glossop will have travelled no further than 35 miles. 
This is important to us, not only for animal welfare reasons, but we also pride ourselves on being able to answer any query about the provenance of all of our meat. We believe this is something only a handful of butchers in the UK today can honestly claim to be able to do. Our customers often ask where their chosen cuts of meat came from and all of our staff are trained to tell them exactly where. 
We do not cut corners to save a few pence, nor are we trying to compete with well known supermarket chains that process meat on a much larger, less transparent scale. We are more concerned with the quality of our meat, its freshness, its taste and its journey to us.
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